Image Upgrade

I think our solar system is in serious need of a public relations image upgrade.

For example, if you were a hostile alien race, which of these two planets would you be less likely to attack?

Or how about...

The imposing name “Megalon 14” implies that we’ve already exhausted the resources of at least thirteen other planets and left their smouldering husks behind us.

The Moon would get a similar makeover.

Here is an astronaut from Megalon 14 conquering the imperial moon Zylox in the landing assault craft Fear-Bringer 9500. Raw materials will be extracted from Zylox and used to fuel the twisted ambitions of the Megalon Empire.

Here’s a picture of the Megalon attack shuttle Hostility which is used to ferry high energy weapon platforms into orbit around Megalon 14.

With a few simple inexpensive changes like these, spacefaring civilizations will think twice before invading our planet.

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