This is a computer-generated poster I designed in college. It is composed of 25 eight-inch squares printed out on a laser printer.

40 by 40 inches, laser printer paper on mounting board

The image was generated by evaluating a mathematical expression over the unit square.

I pieced together the terms of the expression by hand. It’s just like sculpting, except instead of clay I used a bunch of trigonometric functions.

The mathematical expression that created the image is actually a more accurate representation of the art piece than the image, which is merely a crude point-sampled approximation of the mathematics. For example, the mathematical expression can be evaluated out to infinity, while the printed image has only a finite size.

If I ever displayed this picture in a gallery, I would have the source code hanging on the wall right next to it. It might be appropriate to print the source out in a enormous font size so that it appeared larger than the image, emphasizing its relative significance.

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